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Invest In Our Efficient Stump Grinding Services

Those tree stumps that are left over after you cut down a tree can be unsightly and dangerous. That's why you should call on Josh's Tree Service for our reliable stump grinding services. Our professionals are equipped with the right machines to handle the work efficiently so that your property can look attractive once again.


We've been in business in the Burlington Flats area since 2004.

No Wastage Of All The Tree Stumps Collected

Tree stumps can be put to use in some form even after they've been removed. 100% of all the organic matter we collect from your property is used as compost, mulch, firewood, or for landscaping purposes so there's no waste.

Reap The Benefits Of Hiring Our Effective Tree Services

•  24-hour emergency services

•  Payment taken only after you're satisfied with the work

•  20 years of experience

•  Clean up the yard after work is completed

Safe And Convenient Methods Of Working In Your Space

To make sure that no harm comes to you and your property, we use equipment and methods that are safe and convenient. Our business is fully insured to conduct all their work. Visit us at 986 Co Rd 22 to discuss your tree trimming or tree removal needs or give us a call at 315-858-3239 or e-mail him at

Stump grinding Stump grinding Stump grinding